Sunday, 26 December 2010


Due to confusion with my etsy shop name EnchantedCreatrix and the name of this blog Sensual Decadence, and the name of my otherblog EnchantedCreatrix (now Creatress) which has nothing to do with costumes, many people were misspelling and forgetting where my costuming/craft blog was. So although the previous posts from this blog will stay here for the time being, as well as all the links to other lovely bloggers who have kindly linked to me, the past and future posts of this blog will now be seen at
I have 2 gowns on order and in the making at the moment, possibly a third on the way, and will be making a medieval gown as well so all the photos and gown diaries will be up there and posted as I have updates. For those of you interested in patterns, I am currently making the two gowns with a modification of the Simplicity pattern 3782, the Elizabethan noblewoman's gown.

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