Monday, 20 September 2010

All things Witchy and Wonderful

Since the date for the Practical Magick Blog party is coming up soon, and Halloween/Samhain is just around the corner, my mind has been wandering to all things witchy and wonderful...I have been extremely inspired by the digital collages of many talented graphics artists out there, especially the lady at Plumrose Lane, and was thinking that I just might give the idea a go and make my very own Halloween blog theme using witchy and magical graphics and photos from vintage sources.
I have also found a very sexy painting called Faust's Vision in which there are a number of nude & nubile witches flying (it seems) and have a brilliant (if not a bit naughty) project planned for that image as well! I may have to mark this blog as adult if there is going to be anything of an adult nature, even if it is vintage paintings...on the subject of nudity, I also found some beautiful hand-sculpted pendants on Etsy, although I'm not sure if I'll shock my dear readers if I dedicate a post or two to things of that sort. Being of the openminded sort, I find them quite beautiful and would like to make something similar, but there are those people of a more, umm, reserved nature out there so I'm still debating on whether or not to post anything more on it. (If you're curious you can visit or Other things I'll be posting soon are a project I'm working on for my daughter, a hoodie I made out of a friend's recycled sweater and one of her sleepers that she had grown out of. I just need to find a zipper so I can finish the thing! I'll also be posting a few recipes I have for delicious and quick meals that are great for fall, some kids Halloween craft ideas, a few more tutorials on potions and decorating potion bottles, some tutorials and ideas for quick and easy Christmas gifts and I'll be adding some free potion bottle labels that I've made for you to download! I've been a bit spaced out lately and not able to post quite as often but I'll get back to it soon!

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  1. I love VulvaLoveLovely! They are one of my favorite shops. By the way, I love the new blog design! Very gorgeous.