Sunday, 12 September 2010

Explorations in Glastonbury

Climbing the Tor
I went to the fabled Glastonbury a short while ago for the first time. It's somewhere I have been dreaming of going ever since I was young, and for me, it did not disappoint! I did always plan on going for a spiritual retreat and not a tourist visit, but that was fine for me!!!
One of the charming little side streets
A fairy offering I found left in a tree
More of Yuri's gorgeous drawings.....
And of course I am biased, but my favourite drawing of his, is of me :-)

The view from the top of the Tor is amazing!!!
There is something about ancient buildings that spark my imagination, the sheer beauty and craftsmanship is sadly unrivalled today.... (oh, and no what I am wearing is not a costume, that's my normal clothes. Because I've been asked that a lot)

I didn't want to leave!! There were so many cool shops, funky clothes, awesome books, jewelry, decorations, art, crystals, crystals and more crystals! My daughter and I went into a crystal shop as I was searching for a special one for a project of mine, and she grabbed a baby-handful-sized pink harlequin quartz. I gave her the option of several, including several little carved charms that I was going to make into a neckace for her but no. She wanted that particular one. So now she has a pretty rounded crystal to play with instead of my spiky sharp ones!


  1. How how beautiful!! I so wish I was there!

  2. Glastonbury is one of my most favorite places in the world. I visited there a few years ago and bought a wand for my husband. The rest of the group I was with were not into the whole pagan thing, so I had to accidentally on purpose "get lost" so I could see some of the town. Love your pictures. I'd be happy to share links with you.