Friday, 17 September 2010

Link Exchange Request

As everyone who writes in a blog knows, readers are very important. But in order to have readers, one must have traffic, and a great way to increase traffic, is to have a link to your blog in as many places as possible. So, if anyone out there reading this has a blog or a website which covers topics such as crafts, handmade, handcrafted, natural products, making your own wine/beer/cider/soap/perfumes, making or upcycling clothes, herbal remedies, herbal, pagan/Wicca/Druid related, or anything similar to any of the topics of my posts and would like more traffic, 

Will you please do a link exchange with me??

I have two boxes on my page, one on the sidebar and one on the bottom with an html code to add either my button or my banner to your site. In exchange, I obviously will place a button or banner for your site/blog, on my blog! Simple!

Let me know, I already have a few, and you know who you are, THANK YOU! 


  1. You have a wonderful blog and I know it will become very well known...It simply will!!

    I have challenges to sort out at this time in my blogs( in case you didn't see i cannot post photos till i change things or get more storage) so posting badges etc won't be an option for me for awhile..but I'll definately (when things change for me) gladly shine some light over your way..and do a post on you if you'd like and spread the word about your wonderful blog and creative talent!
    Cheers..shine on! thing that began to bring viewers to my blog was partciapting in alot of photo memes or blog themes weekly ! and although I have never done one yet..alot of poeple host giveaways of some draws people in too! Best of Luck!You will do amazing ..I know it!

  2. I stole your button. ;)
    button exchanges certainly helped me get out there...the buttons I have on my sidebar (Domestice Witch, etc.) get a lot of button-surfing traffic and are happy to exchange buttons with you if you request it.

  3. Merry Meet! I've enjoyed spending time visiting your blog this morning and just might try my hand at some wine-making! Glastonbury looks charming and I hope to visit there when next in England.

    Thanks for sharing and I'm pleased to add your button to my sidebar!

    Blessed Be,
    Embracing My Goddess-Self