Friday, 3 September 2010

A few bits and bobs so far..

To date, I have made hundreds of pieces of jewelry. Some were lost, some sold, some given as gifts, some broke, and a few survived. Over the course of it my technique has gotten better, and I've learned that it's usually the little things that are the most important, like, attaching the clasps, and finding a string/wire/cord appropriate for the piece you're making. The design is only good as long as it stays in one piece! I prefer to work with semi-precious stones, glass beads, wood, bone, shell, clay, copper, silver and other natural based products. I try to stay away from acrylic and plastic as much as possible unless I'm recycling it, although there are some bits that I just have to have because they look awesome! To date, here are a few of my pieces.....
My ''Healer'' Necklace This is a OOAK piece, I made two that are similar with appropriate charms, and pendants. This is the Earth Healer, I also made an Ocean Healer necklace in blues, purples and a few dashes of magenta for an amazing woman I know who is a powerful healer in her own right, working as a Gestalt counselor.
This is my ''Enchanted Wood'' choker and ''Silverleaf'' pewter earrings. Both are OOAK and can be bought at
This is a freshwater pearl and red coral set I call ''Sea Witch'' I have no idea where I got the spiket green things, or what they're made of!

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