Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party 2010: THE PRACTICAL MAGIC BLOGGER'S PARTY - WON'T YOU CO...
I'm making a lovely decadent craft project for this.....why don't you join in??? It's hosted by and it's on Sept 25th....
While I'm on the subject, and since I have approximately 2 months until Samhain (Halloween), the ultimate witchy holiday, I think I am going to designate the months of September & October as a witchy-craft month. Therefore, for an entire month, on top of all my other projects, I will be making witchy, fantasy & magic-themed crafts and projects, and putting up some fun tutorials in the meantime! Some ideas of things to come:

Wands-making them just for fun, or for use as a magical tool. Including info on different types of woods, stones & metals to used in them...I'll have a few different wand tutorials to make here, including a kid's version, just in time for Halloween!

Compiling your own decorative and awesome Book of Shadows, or book of poems, songs, recipes, scriptures, quotes, really whatever you feel like putting in it. Ideas for types of books to use, making your own book, ideas for decoration, links to some awesome BOS's that I would LOOOOVE to own....
Potions! Anyone who has seen Harry Potter will remember Professor Snape's potion making class. For me, the most fun part of doing crafts and such is making potions and concoctions...I will have numerous potion tutorials for several types of potions from actual historical recipes, including making your own labels, decorating the bottles and more!
Witchy Jewelry-Jewelry with a purpose. Using natural materials colours, stones etc. to make jewelry that serves a purpose other than decorative i.e. protective, mood lifting, love drawing etc. 

Any other ideas??? I can, and have, made almost every type of craft project at one point or another, so if there's something you want to see, or know how to do, send me a message/comment!!!

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