Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bohemian Interiors

I have always loved the eclectic bohemian/gypsy look with it's multiple patterns, vibrant colours, and fascinating combination of different cultures, and influences. I must be a bit behind the times though, because I just learned that the term ''bohemian'' is used to describe that look! So with my new-found knowledge, I have gathered a lot of beautiful new inspirations....A key part of the bohemian look is traditional folk culture, arts/crafts and decorations from around the world. Another part is the mix of colours and patterns and textures, and a VERY important part, is art. Whether it is on a canvas, a hand blown glass piece, or a hand crocheted pillow, art is crucial. The bohemian look came about with poor artists in Paris, making beautiful and unconventional spaces with what they had, and making things that they didn't. I'll have some great bohemian project tutorials posted here, everything from lampshades to quilts, throws, rugs and more!
A great way to use old saris, with their vibrant mix of colours and patterns. I have used dark coloured saris for this and it doesn't look quite as good as light or brightly coloured ones unless you have a very high ceiling. Stick to light & bright.

An AWESOME way to display your books...
Sleek chic, and modern, but still very bohemian, for those who do't like a lot of clutter

I LOVE the colors! The walls are a bit plain however....
This is one of my favourite living room designs. The mix of blues are warmed up by hints of gold and pink, and I love the collection of art and photos in mixed frames. It's a great centrepiece and is a place to put all those random bits and bobs you may have lying around the house.
A vardo (traditional gypsy caravan) interior

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