Monday, 6 September 2010

Exploring completely new territory again...this time with lotions

I used to ''make'' my own scented lotions by using a cheap unscented lotion base and adding things like oils, scents, beeswax, colours, shea butter etc to it, but I want to make my own, from scratch, using natural ingredients. And, like most of the craft projects I am now making (like the art quilt, hoodies, gypsy skirt etc), I have never done it before. The basic recipe involves oil, beeswax, scent, ad lots of whipping, at this point in time, having my hand mixer all in one piece would be fantastic, but, I will have to use my whisk. YAY! Ok, not really.

 This will be updated, later on tonight when I finish, or fail....

UPDATE: It took me an extra day, but I have succeeded!!! The formula I made is more of a dry skin balm than a lotion as its a bit thick and a tiny bit oily, but it sinks into your skin beautifully and makes you feel velvet soft, I love it! I made enough for just one jar of the lotion using beeswax, grapeseed oil and unrefined coconut oil. I scented it with one of my handmade essential oil perfume blends called Yoni, which is a light lemony-vanilla scent. It is absolutely decadent!!! I put it in one of these awesome spice jars I found, it's about 60ml worth.
While I was at it, I decided to finally use two small little pots I had lying around and make a lemon-mint lip balm. I made them with almost the same formula as the lotion just a bit more beeswax and coconut oil, and added peppermint & wintergreen essential oil, honey and a few drops of lemon flavouring (the only non-natural part). I also added a couple drops of benzoin as an antibacterial and preservative. One is colourless and the other I coloured pink with natural mica mineral pigment and it gives the lips a faint hint of pink shimmer.

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