Monday, 6 September 2010

Husqvarna Sewing Machines & Overlockers

I have 2 Husqvarna machines (at least, I think the overlock/serger is Husqvarna as it has the symbol on it...) one is a Viking Husqvarna 150 and the other is a 234D. Both are apparently very old, both, supposedly were expensive when bought, and both, should, be excellent machines. Except for a few problems. Problem 1, I have no idea how to use or even thread, the overlocker, the pctures in the manal are cryptic....if that. Problem 2, The stand that holds the thread has snapped, and I am missing on of the dials to loop the thread on the front. And I have NO idea where to find parts! The sewing machine was working like a dream, but it has started overheating, and I don't know how to fix it, or even what the problem is!! I can't afford new machines, and these are obviously, very nice, if not old ones, so what do I do next??? I can't find parts, the best bet is to contact Husqvarna, which I have and a sewing machine servicing company, Reads of Winchester, or something like that. I can only hope they get back to me because I have lots of projects in the works that require the machines!!! I am making an art quilt for my daughter, and have been really inspired by making projects out of old t-shirts, jersey, and old jumpers. I really like using semi-stretch fabric to make things like tribal belly dance pants, recycled patchwork hoodies and funky elven style tops. Oooh the possibilities!!!! But I need my machines.

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